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 “A family of entrepreneurs and innovators” is more than a lofty vision.  The phrase is felt with our supportive working relationships, our friendly and fun outings and of course the Friday morning breakfasts!   Our patriarch and founder, Jim Hanna, kicked this family enterprise off in Crawford Co. Arkansas in the early 1970ís. Conventional thinking had that prospect downdip to water.  That’s not the place to drill unless there is a second discrete channel.  Fourteen billion cubic feet later from the Lincoln #2 and we still like to think out of the box.  

hanna teamOur entrepreneur team loves to add value to sleepy misunderstood resources with cross discipline application of technology.  We developed Middle Atoka in the Arkansas thrust belt prior to downspacing.  We found productive Hunton limestone in a formally non-producing township in eastern Oklahoma.  Bill Hanna, our family leader, opened an office in Calgary in the mid 1980’s when the herd was headed out of Canada.  But we are more than contrarians.  Our business family longs to explore new possibilities and innovate more effective solutions.   

The community where we explore is also important to us.  All of our business family serves the community in various ways through charity, environmental, spiritual, educational or recreational activism.  Valuing long term relationships with our business family, the landowners we explore on, the partners we explore with, and the community where we operate, makes us who we are.

team hannaOur Vision, Our Mission and Our Core Value
The principles on which Hanna Oil and Gas was founded and what guide us today.








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